25th Annual Campus and Community Dialogue on Race (CDOR)

October 23-27, 2023

Theme: (Re)Defining Difference, Honoring Collective Resistance

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The Campus & Community Dialogue on Race (CDOR) is an annual event at Cal Poly Humboldt. It invites students, staff, faculty, administrators, and community members to present and attend programs relating to racial justice and its intersections with all forms of oppression and resistance. Our aim is to create spaces and structures for reflection, analysis, dialogue, and positive strategies for change.

Students can earn a unit of credit in Critical Race, Gender, & Sexuality Studies "ES 317- Campus & Community Dialogue on Race". You don't need to be a CRGS student to enroll in this class, we welcome everyone! Check out our list of CDOR events below.

Celebrating the 25th year of CDOR, this year's Dialogue will take place from October 23rd (Mon) to October 27th (Fri). The vision of the Campus & Community Dialogue on Race is to achieve racial, social, and environmental justice. We're dedicated to promoting and facilitating change by engaging a diverse range of individuals and viewpoints. Our goal is to explore the impact of racism and its intersections with all forms of oppression.

For information on our 25th Annual CDOR 2023, please email us at cdor@humboldt.edu.

Keynote Speakers

Oct. 23th, 2023: Dr. Tara Yosso, who will present a public talk on community cultural wealth and a workshop

Featured Speakers 

Dr. Verónica N. Vélez, Associate Professor, Secondary Education and Education & Social Justice
 Dr. James M. Binnall (Twenty Million Angry Men: The Case for Including Convicted Felons in Our Jury Process), and filmmaker Chisa Hughes (Many Moons)